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Artificial Intelligence

After decades of experiencing a slow burn, artificial intelligence innovation has caught fire to become the hottest item on the agendas of the world’s top technology firms.

The fuel for this fire? Necessity. Faced with a constant onslaught of data, we needed a new type of system that learns and adapts, and we now have that with AI. What was deemed impossible a few years ago are not only becoming possible, it’s very quickly becoming necessary and expected.

As a result, leading tech companies, as well as scores of startups and researchers, have been racing to develop AI solutions that can provide competitive advantage by augmenting human intelligence.

Today’s flurry of AI advances wouldn’t have been possible without the confluence of three factors that combined to create the right equation for AI growth: the rise of big data combined with the emergence of powerful graphics processing units (GPUs) for complex computations and the re-emergence of a decades-old AI computation model—deep learning. While we’re still only scratching the surface of what this trio can do together, it’s never too early to look ahead. 

Face Recognition 

We have inbuilt APIs and services to scan photos for faces and tagging them.

Speech Recognition

Our product comes with Speech Recognition capability and can take voice commands.

Text extraction from Video 

We have inbuilt APIs and services to extract text from videos, which can be use to generate subtitles.

Smart tagging of Photos

Our product has image recognization capabilities and based on that it autogenerate the tags which can be used for searching.

Smart tagging of Videos

Our product has Video recognization capabilities and based on that it autogenerate the tags.


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