About Us

What Value Do We Offer You?

TechJuly is a Jaipur, Rajasthan based company in India. It was established in 2015 by Dr. Harish Sharma and was focused on Product development. Currently it has its offices in Houston USA and Jaipur, India.


We believe in theory of natural selection – survival of fittest. Although it is an old concept but is applicable in multiple aspect of life. Our product and solution can only be best if they evolve with time. To achieve that we keep innovating and trying to produce a better version of yesterday

Tools & Technology:

We can see what works, what doesn’t, and how to solve problems, both common and uncommon. Using frameworks painstakingly developed through challenges, we transform inefficiency into agility and waste into profit. Using this end-to-end approach, TechJuly equips every client with a complete solution. We focus on digital business and providing more automation based services and applications.


We wouldn’t be able to succeed without our industry partners. With the help of partnership and multiple vendors helping us, we able to develop and deliver quality product, that surpass our client requriments.

Why we’re different

Why we’re different
We are a new company and build our product and solution using the latest technology available in market. This gives us unique opportunity to help our clients with best and latest. Most companies in our domain have legacy applications which they have to maintain to keep old clients happy.

We are agile to begin with and will be like that forever. We love to get feedback from our customers and use that to provide future enhancement and upgraded to our applications. Even if you are using our product on trial or free version, all feedback and issues are taken with equal priority. 


3715 Somerset Green Dr
Houston, Texas
USA - 77055 


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Phone: +1 (713) 962 0031