Any social media application without photos will be just a blogging site. There is no fun without pictures in our life. That’s why we build state of art, our jMedia application to manage your photos. Your photos are generally distributed within folders in your personal laptop or Desktop, personal Mobile, friends mobiles, social website like Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram and then your external hard disk. So if you need to find a photo or looking for something from past, then it is nearly impossible to find it, until you spend a lot of time to organize it on regular basis. We try to solve this problem with our jMedia application which not only connect with all possible photo / media sources but also organize then at your figure tip. It has in-built AI which will organize the photos for you and you can share it with one click.

jMedia is the cutting-edge Product developed at TechJuly, which provides Photo management solution. With more than 15 years of extensive experience in architecting, designing, developing and supporting enterprise, web, and mobile applications, along with the best practices that we've refined over the years, at TechJuly we have built the next generation Photo Management application.

Why Use Photo Manager Software?

With all of the gadgets in our lives, it has never been easier to snap a photo. Whether you are using a computer, tablet, phone or actual camera, you need a way to organize all of your photos after you take them. One way to catalog and organize your pictures is with photo manager software. Most of these programs offer multiple ways to categorize your photos and even have basic editing tools.

While some photo manager programs have editing tools, their main purpose is to keep your photos safe and make them easy to access. With tagging tools that categorize photos by location, date, subject or trip, you can store thousands of photos and still find them quickly. Both speed and ease of use distinguish our top-rated photo manager software from the rest. With jMedia we provide you the best of both world – High performance and ease of use.

jMedia is an integrated solution which connect your Mac machine, Mobile (Android and iPhone) and Cloud. This tri-solution will solve all your modern days need to accessing your pictures and videos anywhere with any device.

Main features of the jMedia App are below:-

1. Uploading files is easy with jMedia

Adding photos and videos are easy, whether you are starting from scratch or migrating from an existing system. jMedia allows you to upload any file type, either one at a time, or in bulk. You can instantaneously import Photos and Videos from multiple sources – Local Drive, External Hard drive and Cloud Server.

2. Automatic previews of your photos

jMedia will automatically create previews of your photos when you first upload them, including thumbnails and larger views for images and preview clips for videos.You can view simultaneously hundred thousand photos in one screen and browse through them without any hiccups. The high performing rendering engine of the jMedia is a patent pending application and with its optimized algorithms, your machine will become super-fast.

3. Finding photos is a breeze

Users can very quickly locate the photos they need saving time and money. You can also use advanced search options and create search categories and saved searches. It will sync your photos between Mac, iPhone, Android Phone and Cloud server.With jMedia, your photos and videos are linked with Metadata and metadata is synced within all the 3 environments. So you can find your photos with metadata search.

4. Powerful download options

Rapidly download files in a range of formats. Crop, resize, reformat and mask - all before you download. You can even create image presets. The authentication process make sure that your photos are not accessible outside your devices.

5. Latest features

Continuous development means jMedia just keeps getting better and better, with a new release every few weeks.

6. Flexible storage options

We provide a range of jMedia storage options to suit your organization’s needs; on a server’s hard disk, network or SAN, cloud storage in Amazon S3.

jMedia Tri-Solution

Mac jMedia App

Optimize the performance for Mac operating systems. We built a high performing Mac app to view, edit, organize, comment and share your photos & videos. This App has multifold high performance than any other App available in market. Please find below

Cloud Apps

Build modern web applications that delight your users with fast performance and stunning user experiences.

Android Mobile Apps

Compelling cross-platform mobile applications that wow users, accelerate development and ease maintenance.

Admin Tour

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Add new Connection

To connect with the media on the cloud or Enterprise servers, the user need to provide the host URL and user access credentials. Once the authentication is done, then the connection is created with the server and media can be access to the folder location.

Add existing Connection

The jMedia Mac app save the old connections and if you need to access other folders locations on the server, then this interface provide an quick access to reconnect and access the media files.

Initial screen

This is the initial screen which help the user to add new connections of the Local folders, External drive, Cloud server and Enterprise Servers. User need to select the folder location in the file system or provide the Host URL.

Make Local connection

To connect with the media on the local Mac machine, you can click the plus icon on the Local folder. You can select the folder in the local file system and make the connection with that. The jMedia will scan and immedidate access all the photos available in the folder and sub-folder there. There will be no wait waste in the proces as it is an immedidate import process.

Local connection

You can see the details of each local connection created in past.

Android connection

jMedia automatically connect with Android device which previously connected with Mac machine using the jMedia App. You can see the Android Mobile details and location of photos in your machine.

Cloud connection

jMedia automatically connect with web connection which previously connected with Mac machine using the jMedia App. You can see the Host details and location of photos in your machine.


You can personalize the jMedia with different skins and also allocate different file system locations for the temporary files generated in the process.

Home Screen

The Home screen is shown once the jMedia is ready for the access of the Media.

Connection Management

You can manage your connection from this screen. You can add , edit and delete your Local, Mobile and Web connections from this screen.

Photos per connection

This screen shows the Photos accessible with each jMedias connections. With this screen you can view the photos specific to each connection and limited number of photos in this screen help you to have a quick view and faster finding.

Sorted photos per connection

The photo screen provide the sorting functionality. The sort process is highly optimzed to provide you immediate response with extemely high number of photos in the system.

Show all Photos

This screen shows all the Photos accessible with the jMedias connections. This screen is optimized to show hundred of thousands of photos and renders them smoothly.

Alphabetic sorting of all Photos

The Photo screen provide the sorting functionality with alphabetical ascending order.

Timewise sorting of all Photos

The Photo screen provide the sorting functionality on time line with date, month and year categories.

Sizewise sorting of all Photos

The Photo screen provide the sorting functionality with the file size of the image in ascending order.

Viewing Photos

Photos can be viewed on a larger size with left menu for navigation. The regular keys to navigate the photos is implemented by default. Basic editing features are also provided on the same screen.

Adding commets to Photos

user can add comments to the photos. This feature is developed with fexibility to select the title and description, so that user can provide various type of the Meta data to the media file and later can be used for tagging and searching purpose.

Full screen view of Photos

Photos can be viewed on full screen size and regular navigation keys are implemented for quick view.

Create Album

The create Album screen is use to create new Ablum from existing connections photo's. Created ablum will not create a duplicate copy of the photos but just keep a reference of them. Later user can upload the Ablum to the server or cloud connection.

View Album

The view ablum screen is use to see the collection of the photos under that Ablum.

Photos inside Album

Ablum Photos can be viewed on a larger size with left menu for navigation.