jCMS Services

Make recruiting your main focus, and software take cares of rest.

At TechJuly, we have built a next generation Applicant tracking system which is advance and comprehensive enough to let your recruiter focus on just recruiting and let all other complex work done by our software. jCMS is the candidate management systems which is focus on the recruitment part and provide various advance features missing in other ATS in the market.

Comprehensive Dashboard

Stay on top of your day. Be it figuring out who to reach out to, reminding panel members to submit interview feedback or keeping track of new candidates, it’s right there as soon as you log in.

Personalized Engagement

Make your candidate experience deeply personal and memorable, by engaging over email through contextual conversations.

No more physical debriefings

Whether it’s screening applications or collecting interview feedback, you can collaborate online to gather inputs and make the right decisions quickly.

A searchable talent pool

No more inbox digging for old resumes. Maintain an active talent pool by archiving promising resumes and resurfacing them when new jobs open up.

Deep dive into your data

Delve into your hiring strategy and identify trends and actionable insights to validate your decisions and make improvements.

Real Time Recruitment

Direct access to team and hiring managers Chat personally with your future team. On our chat messenger, they actually take the time to give you the answers you need. It connects talent with companies in real time via instant messaging. Companies recruit with their whole organization, using their existing team communication tools. Real Time Recruitment means real-time in the literal sense of an immediate reaction to talents' interest and a lightning fast recruitment process. But more importantly, it also means real time whole teams can take quality time for candidates, they become accessible and recruit their future team mates together.-

Manage job postings

Create, manage and publish job postings, with jCMS.


List Open Positions

Build job postings that describe careers in your company to prospective applicants.

Describe Job Listings

Choose from one of the many available templates or create your own; the world is your oyster.

Choose The Right Status

You decide where you source. Publish jobs on your career site, internally on your employee portal or privately just for you.

Set Up A Hiring Team

Every job posting can be associated with the hiring team that is working on it. The hiring team is the hiring manager and associated panel members.

Gather Information That Matters

Make the screening process easier and more efficient, with a custom application form. This way, it’ll be easier to separate the truly qualified from the aspirational.

Configure Your Hiring Process

Create custom workflow stages for every job posting and accurately depict how candidates move across stages.

Attract top talent

Advertise job postings through a myriad range of channels to attract brilliant candidates.


Brand Your Career Site

Stand out from the crowd by creating a beautiful, mobile-friendly career site that advertises your employer brand to applicants.

Track email applicants

Sync your career email inbox with your applicant tracking system and convert every email you receive into an application and its sender, an applicant.

Recruit On Social Channels

Spread news of your open positions far and wide by sharing it on your favorite social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Source Through A Facebook Tab

Add a custom tab on your brand page to source candidates. This way, your Facebook fans won’t have to go far to find out if they can work for you.

Manage Your Employee Referrals

Employees can refer friends and family to the company and keep track of their status through the hiring pipeline, from Freshteam.

Embed Job Listings In Your Website

Display a list of job postings on any website page you’d like by just pasting one line of code in the page. Minimum IT team involvement necessary.

Build Custom Tracking Links

Generate and use custom tracking links when you’re sharing posts on job boards. This way, you can easily tell where a particular candidate came from.

Use Job-Specific Email Addresses

When you’re sharing your job postings with vendors, you can use job-specific email addresses and make sure candidates get automatically added to the posting.

Screen applications

Optimize your screening process so that you can sort through applications in a fast, efficient manner.


Parse Resumes

Every resume you upload to your applicant tracking system is automatically parsed and its contents populated in the candidate profile.

Candidate 360

Everything you need to know about a candidate - resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes - in one place.

Manage Tags

Tag candidate profiles with keywords so that you can pull up similar candidates in a jiffy. These tags can be used to maintain and manage candidate lists.

Archive To Talent Pool

Found a promising not-right-now candidate? Or a right-fit-wrong-job candidate? Archive them so their profiles can be surfaced at the right time.

Collaborate With The Hiring Team

Get everyone invested on board from day 1. Your hiring team can make their opinions felt through comments and ratings.

Engage with candidates

Build relationships with candidates even as they progress through the hiring pipeline.


Sync Email To jCMS

Sync your personal inbox and correspond with candidates, right from your TA software. No more switching between your inbox and your recruiting software.

Integrated Email Conversations

View every exchange between the hiring team and a particular candidate by navigating to the ‘Conversations’ tab in Candidate 360.

Notify Candidates

Keep all the hiring process stakeholders in the loop by automatically sending out notifications as soon as specific events occur.

Use Canned Responses

Save frequently used responses as canned responses so you can insert them into emails and spend that time more fruitfully.

Decide When Emails Go Out

Want to send out a particular email but just not right away? Schedule emails to go out, whenever you think it’s most appropriate.

Perform Actions In Bulk

Send emails to, add tags for, reject, delete, share for feedback, and archive to the talent pool, multiple candidates with a single click.

Get Things Done

Use tasks and reminders to manage your workload. You can assign tasks to other employees and even make them candidate-specific.

Assess and make offers

Schedule interviews, collect feedback from the hiring team and make offers to promising candidates.


Conduct Interviews

Found an interesting application? Schedule an interview with a panel member and notify the candidate, in the same click.

Check Availability

View interviewer availability while scheduling interviews with Google Calendar integration and pick a time that works for everyone.

Collect Structured Feedback

Don’t make decisions based on anyone’s gut feelings; use interview scorecards to rate candidates against established criteria.

Make Offers

Make and manage offers, from your recruiting software. You can configure offer fields, generate offer letters and even record candidate decisions.

Configure Offer Fields

Choose what kind of offer information you’d like to keep on hand, through custom offer fields.

Manage Offer Templates

Create and manage offer letter templates for different kinds of roles.