At TechJuly, Innovation is the core.
Our Mission

By building a vibrant business, making technology useful, and investing in communities, we make it possible for people to reach their
full potential to serve others.

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After decades of experiencing in artificial intelligence...

Leadership Team

Our leaders are, in one word, involved. Each of their disciplines...


Making complex simple. How will you do that? By pushing the boundaries...

More than a Company — TechJuly is a Team.

Teams aren’t built overnight. It takes hard work, tact, and leadership to make a great company. Trial-and-error is always an adventure, and 2 years of it has earned us one great group of hardworking friends. Through changing technologies, economic conditions, and hundreds of projects, our perseverance made TechJuly what it is today: bigger and better than ever. Let our customers share their experiences with TechJuly. Feel free to contact us so we can talk for free about what we can create for your business.

Produce Excellence

Driving company success through true product excellence in an increasingly competitive and complex environment ! With more choices than ever a company’s product success cannot rely on few gurus only, it requires excellence along the entire product creation process. To achieve it, we suggest thinking about product excellence in several dimensions of the product creation process.

TechJuly - Dedicated for our client’s success


Our Company values

We're not just your standard out-of-the-box solution, we're your business partner. Your grievances are our grievances. It doesn't matter how simple or complicated your project, we're in the trench with you every single step of the way.

All of our customers receive the white glove service no matter how big or how small. The dedication we have to them is unquestionably the TechJuly competitive advantage.